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Why Housing Minister Atta Akyea must hasten slowly in touching SSNIT Pension funds for ‘housing’
Housing deficit in Ghana is estimated as about 1.7 million affordable housing units. A lack of development finance has been identified as one of the limitations to affordable housing delivery. In an attempt to reduce the deficit, the Minister for Works and Housing, Lawy... More
Revenue Mobilization and the Politics of Real Estate Taxation in Ghana
Fiscal policy to some extent if not large is influenced by political ideology. The previous government led by the social democrats - NDC Party – was famous for excessively taxing Ghanaians. During their regime, two real estate taxes – the rent tax and real estate VAT – were introduced. The Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) indicated at various functions how these taxes hurt the market, but to no avail. However, they caught the attention of the property-owning democrats – NPP party – who characterized these taxes as nuisance taxes. More
A mortgage is basically a loan from a financial institution secured with property collateral. House prices are often very expensive, hence prompting the need for people to go in for mortgage loans. Mortgage products vary from Home & Land purchase to Home Improvemen... More